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dards. Our high strength steels are marketed under the Weldox brand name. Weldox has been developed to provide excellent welda-bility, combined with high strength and toughness. The ore-based metallurgy and advanced processing in the steel shop ensures very low contents of residual elements in the steel. Weldox high strength steels have excellent Hardox® 500 - SSAB high-strength steelThe bendable, weldable and highly abrasion-resistant steel. Hardox® 500 is a bendable and weldable abrasion-resistant steel, with a nominal hardness of 500 HBW. Suitable for applications that demand higher wear resistance. Hardox ® 500 increases payload and increases service life while maintaining good processability and toughness.

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The high strength-to-steel ratio of Docol makes it one of the strongest high-strength steels available. The weight of products can be reduced without losing the strength required. Docol also forms part of the Domex family with thickness ranging from 0.5 to 2.1mm, with good weldability, formability and it is suitable for laser cutting. Steel cutting and bending in Cape TownHigh Strength steel suppliers and service centre, with laser cutting, cnc bending and flame cutting Toggle navigation +27 (021) 528-8900 [email protected] Strenx® - High-performance structural steel - SSABStrenx® steel plate, strip and tubes can be processed in lengths in excess of 20 meters and with bending forces of more than 4,000 tonnes. Using the high-end equipment at SSAB Shape centers makes perfect business sense. You gain access to production capacity without investing in new machinery for in-house production, enabling you to cut lead

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STRENX, HARDOX AND DOCOL -BENDING OF HIGH STRENX, HARDOX AND DOCOL -BENDING OF HIGH STRENGTH STEEL. PREPARATION BEFORE BENDING Check the rolling direction of the plate. If possible, orient the rolling direction perpendicular to the bend line. The plate can often be bent tighter this way, than with the bend line parallel to the rolling direction, figure 1. Weldox - High Strength Steel - Steel cutting and bending Weldox provides excellent production flexibility which they can produce high strength steel with the thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 130mm with a guaranteed yield of between 700 MPa up to 1300 MPa. This enables us to deliver plate which has been tailored to the customers properties and requirements. Weldox Tubecon LaserWeldox steel plate's flat surface, the precise tolerances and the inner stress being low makes it a very high quality, extra-high strength steel. Even though the sheet metal's machinability is very good, it is important to know how the material will behave during welding, laser cutting and/or bending.

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Weldox and Domex high strength steels - Tecnosider S.r.l. Tecnosider innovation at the service of the steel industry From laser cutting to bending of large dimension sheet metals From Weldox and Domex high strength steels to Hardox wear-resistant steelsCutting of Hardox and Weldox - Australian SteelThermal cutting Hardox and Weldox is as simple as cutting regular mild steel, although some attention is needed while cutting thick plates of Hardox due to the risk of cut edge cracking. Since Weldox and Hardox belong to the family quenched and tempered steels, they also respond to thermal cutting differently than e.g. mild steel. QT steels are susceptible to softening due to thermal cutting and some QT-steels are susceptible to cut