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Harp sizes. Lever harps range in sizes from tiny harps that you can hold in your lap or wear on a strap to harps that are taller than a person. We make a range of sizes in the middle - between 26 and 36 strings. At 39" tall, a 26-string harp can sit on the floor and be a child's harp, or it can be raised up on legs to a good height for an adult. CDs - Whitney DobynsEnjoy the festive and comforting music of Christmas performed on Celtic and classical harps. I play a Dusty Strings FH36 Celtic harp and a Salvi Minerva pedal harp. All arrangements are by me, except where noted. Price is $15.00 plus $1.95 shipping and handling. Click on an underlined title to hear a RealMedia sample.

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Apr 06, 2021 · FH34 Celtic Harp by Dusty Strings. The FH34, Dusty String's compact, 4-3/4 octave, all-solid-wood model, delivers brightness, depth, and clarity along with both portability and range. A little smaller than their 36-string harp, the FH34 has enough resonance and beauty to delight both the professional harp player and the person new to harping. FH34 Lever Harp Dusty StringsThis harp is the same overall size as its well-loved 32-string predecessor, but now goes down to the low C in the bass. For playing comfort, we've added facets on the upper corners of the back. This "hybrid staveback" design provides the ergonomic benefits of our popular 36-string staveback harp Find a Harp Pre-owned, Used - Find a Used HarpPre-owned or used Harps of all types -- Lever Harps, Pedal Harps, Wire Harps, Celtic Harps, Irish Harps, Folk Harps -- great search capabilities from harp stores around the US and Canada

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Beautiful Dusty Strings Allegro 26 celtic lever harp with soft side case. Tuning tool, full set of extra strings and 5 music books. Three and 1/2 octaves, Loveland Sharpening levers. Sylvia Woods and Pamela Bruner books are shown in pictures. Removable legs. Lovely decal on soundboard can be easily removed if you like. Shipping insured. Harp Strings Dusty StringsCompare Dusty Harps. Compare sound clips, prices and features of Dusty Strings lever harps. Options. Custom options include Camac levers, decorative inlay, the Dusty Harp Pickup, and more. Accessories & Hardware. Everything you need to outfit & service your harp (and some other fun stuff) Maintenance & Troubleshooting Harps - Celtic, Folk, Lever Dusty StringsHarps. Welcome to the world of Dusty Strings harps! We are builders of lever harps (also commonly called folk or Celtic harps) and have been lovingly handcrafting our instruments in Seattle, WA since 1979. We invite you to browse to your heart's content, and if at any point you would prefer to talk to a person, feel free to give us a call!

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Deura 22 Strings Lap Harp Bag Tuning Key String Irish Celtic DH800 Ship. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $399.99 New. 32" Full Levers Harp Deura BRAND 19 Strings Bag Irish Celtic Lap Folk Dh-19l. $289.99 New. Dusty Strings FH36 harp in bubinga Topic:Help needed:Should I get a refund for my new harp?Oct 15, 2018 · Its true that I have seen few celtic harp smaller than 34 strings that have some kind of logo with the brand. For example, my FH26 by Dusty Strings does not have any exterior symbol marking it as Dusty (but there is the sticker inside the soundbox with the serial number). USED HARPS and CARTS theharpstudioHeight:57 inches. Weight:28 pounds. Strings:New - 36 nylon and composite strings. Range:C up to C. Soundboard:Spruce/cedar with spruce veneer. Forepillar Or T-Brace:Yes. Levers:full gold Truitt. Detail:Abalone binding on soundboard. Case:Custom soft case included.

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Apr 06, 2021 · FH36 by Dusty Strings. 36-String Celtic Harp. New from $5,395*. Available both in a full-stave model 'FH36S' and a Hybrid-Stave model 'FH36H' (this design puts a flat facet, rather than a corner against the player's shoulder which some find more comfortable.