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4. General Conditions of Contract (GCC)

(e) GCC means the General Conditions of Contract contained in this section. (f) The Purchaser means the organization purchasing the Goods and Related Services, as named in SCC. (g) The Purchasers country is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 42 CFR Part 416 - AMBULATORY SURGICAL SERVICES CFR Subpart A - General Provisions and Definitions (§§ 416.1 - 416.2) Subpart B - General Conditions and Requirements (§§ 416.25 - 416.35) Subpart C - Specific Conditions for Coverage (§§ 416.40 - 416.54) Subpart D - Scope of Benefits for Services Furnished Before January 1, 2008 (§§ 416.60 - 416.76)

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supplementary conditions, see AIA Document A503, Guide for Supplementary Conditions. for the following PROJECT:(Name and location or address)all State of Tennessee, Department of General Services General Work. STREAM 00 72 13.29 March 2020 Civil Federal THE OWNER:(Name, legal status and address) State of Tennessee, Department of General BP Oil International Limited General Terms & Conditions GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS . FOR SALES AND PURCHASES OF CRUDE OIL AND PETROLEUM PRODUCTS . 2015 EDITION . Version 1.1 . This version cancels and supersedes the first edition BP Oil International Limited General Terms & Conditions for Sales and Purchases of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products 2015 edition (the First Edition GTCs). Document A295 2008Document, or any portion of it,

General terms and conditions (GT&Cs) Global energy trading

General terms and conditions (GT&Cs) BPs general terms & conditions (GT&Cs) constitute the second part of a sales contract in which they are incorporated. The Special Provisions (as defined in the GT&Cs) negotiated and agreed between a seller and a buyer form the first part. BP Oil International Limited general terms & conditions for Integrative review of research on general health status Purpose:Postpartum mothers experience certain physical health conditions that may affect their quality of life, future health, and health of their children. Yet, the physical health of postpartum mothers is relatively neglected in both research and practice. The purpose of this review is to describe the general health status and prevalence of common physical health conditions of postpartum New York State Department of HealthMay 19, 2021 · April 23, 2021:State Agencies Announce Medication Disposal Opportunities Across the State on National Prescription Drug Take Back Day - Saturday, April 24, 2021. April 16, 2021:Governor Cuomo Urges New Yorkers to Register as Organ Donors on Donate Life Blue and Green Day. March 31, 2021:NY State of Health Announces Significant New Tax

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Number General Condition and rights afforded; 9.2:Your provider must provide you with a minimum set of information about the terms of your contract if you request them.:9.3 (excl. 9.3a) Your provider must ensure that the conditions which apply if you terminate your contract don't disincentivise you from changing to a new provider, e.g. through excessive early termination charges. Section 4.4008 - Personal Information - Buyandsell.gc.ca

  • 4008 01 (2008-05-12) Interpretation4008 02 (2008-05-12) Ownership of Personal Information andrecords4008 03 (2008-05-12) Use of Personal Information4008 04 (2008-05-12) Collection of Personal Information4008 06 (2008-05-12) Safeguarding Personal Information4008 07 (2008-05-12) Appointment of Privacy Officer4008 08 (2008-05-12) Quarterly Reporting Obligations4008 09 (2008-05-12) Threat and Risk Assessment4008 10 (2008-05-12) Audit4008 11 (2008-05-12) Statutory ObligationsCondition of Service - UEWGeneral Provisions 19. Accidents Free Incentive 20. Leave of Absence 21. Health and Safety of Employees conditions, and if the changes leave Management no discretion in the matter the 2008 and shall remain in force without any amendments, alterations or additions for up to December 31st, DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY STANDARD RESEARCH July 1, 2008 The Standard Research General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are modified as follows:1. Awards Covered by the Standard T&Cs . These terms and conditions are applicable to new and renewal research and research-related grants and cooperative agreements to institutions and non-profit organizations subject to 2CFR