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17-4 STAINLESS AMS 5643 AISI 630 UNS S17400

17-4 stainless steel ams 5643 aisi 630 uns s17400 17-4 Stainless is a martensitic chromium-nickel-copper stainless steel in the solution treated (annealed) condition. It can be further hardened to various strength levels by a single precipitation hardening heat treatment that minimizes scaling and distortion. 17-4PH ASTM A564 Bars Grade 630 AISI 630 products Like 17-4PH ASTM A564 Bars Grade 630 AISI 630. Nestle Steel India Leader Suppliers & Stockist of 17-4PH ASTM A564 Bars Grade 630 AISI 630. Nestle Steel is a force to reckon with in the field of manufacturing and exporting premium quality 17-4PH ASTM A564 Bars Grade 630 AISI 630 Products. Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel and Cupro Nickel and Low Temperature Services.

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ASTM A564 Type 630, Standard Specification for Hot-Rolled and Cold-Finished Age-Hardening Stainless Steel Bars and Shapes ASTM A705 Grade 630, Standard Specification for Age-Hardening Stainless Steel Forgings The grade can also be ordered conform the ASTM A 564 - Rolled Alloys, Inc.Type 631 and 632 stainless steels contain a large amount of ferrite in the microstructure and can have low ductility in forgings and large diameter bars. Material of types other than XM-16, XM-25, and Type 630 shall be furnished in the solution-annealed condition, or in Alloy 630 H1100 - BNM Speciality AlloysAlias ASTM A564/A564M 630 ASME SA564 630 H1100 ASTM A564 630 H1100 Chemistry Disclaimer:Information is given for illustrative purposes only. Tachart accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the data contained within or the use of the data by any other party. This page is protected by copyright but may be freely distributed but not reproduced without

Ams 5643 Astm A564 Type 630 Steel Bar Suppliers Mumbai

Astm A564-13 Type 630 Square Rod Astm A564 15-5ph Hexagon Bar 17-4 Astm A564 Flat Bar Astm A564/564m Round Bar Astm A564 630 H1150d:Astm A564 Type 630 Rod Astm A564/A564m-10 Rod Astm A564 Ams 5643 Rod Ss Astm A564 Round Bar Astm A564 Sus630 Rod Astm A564 Tp630 Rod Astm A564 Xm16 Rod Astm A564 Xm25 Rod Astm A564-04 Rod Astm A564 17-4ph Rod Astm A564-13 Rod Astm A564 Type 360 Rod:Astm A564 Atlas Grade datasheet 630 rev May 2008 July 2010630 (17-4PH) Revised January 2008 Page 2 of 2 atlassteels.au Specified Properties These properties are specified for bar products in ASTM A564/A564M; round bar is the most commonly available product form for this grade. Similar but not necessarily identical properties SPECIFICATION FOR HOT-ROLLED AND COLD-FINISHED kg] Type 630, Solution,Annealed Cold Finished Ccnterlcss Ground, 1 in. .0 mm] round bar. 10 to 12ft [3.0 to 3.6 m] in length, ASTM A 564 dated . End usc:valve shafts. 4. General Requirements 4.1 In addition to the requirements of this specification, all requirements of the current edition of Specifications A 484/ A 484M shall apply.

SS 17-4 PH UNS S17400 ASTM A564 AMS 5642 MIL-S

  • Low Temperature PropertiesCorrosion ResistanceForgingHeat TreatmentAge HardeningMachiningRemoving Heat TintGrinding and PolishingElevated Temperature UseWeldingRetains relatively good ductility at sub zero temperatures, with impact properties greatly improved at higher ageing temperatures Typical sub zero charpy V-notch impact propertiesStainless Steel Alloy 17-4PH - Austral Wright
    • Alloy17-4Ph Uns-S17400Typical ApplicationsDescriptionAvailabilityCorrosion ResistanceMachinabilityWeldabilityHeat TreatmentCastingsAlso known as AISI Grade 630 Stainless Steel Alloy Grade 17-4PH is a precipitation hardening stainless steel which has extremely high strength and hardness, combined with good ductility and toughness. It has excellent corrosion resistance, approaching that of stainless steel grade 304. Designers and engineers often choose the alloy for its high strength, with corrosion resistance superior to most other high strength steels.Speedy Metals Information for 17-4 PH Condition A17-4 stainless generally conforms to ASTM A564 Type 630 AMS 5643. MECHANICAL PROPERTIES. The above values are average and may be considered as representative of 17-4 stainless. Condition H1150°- 1150° F for 4 hours, air cool. Rockwell C 33 average Annealing (Condition A) Stainless Steel - Alloy 17-4PH - Beartech Alloys15.50%. 3.25%. 0.25%. Comparable standards:UNS17400 Type 630 ASTM A564 Type 630. 17-4PH is a precipitation-hardening martensitic stainless steel, which combines high strength and hardness (after heat treatment) with excellent corrosion resistance, and is suitable for easy fabrication. Solution Treatments:As supplied 17-4PH, is usually in the solution treated condition, (Condition A).Chemical Composition ( ASTM A564 Type 630 / 1.4542 / type 630 / UNS S17400 / 17-4 PH used for parts requiring corrosion resistance and high strength at room temperature, or at temperatures up to 600°F [315°C]. Boltport uses S17400 round bars to ASTM this specification to manufacturer bolts, screws, studs, rods and custom bolting. Chemical Composition ( ASTM A564 Type 630 / 1.4542 / UNS S17400)