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Oct 14, 2007 · Use a file holder to hold your file at the same angle the cutter was initially ground. Check your owner's manual or look online to find the correct angle at which to file each cutter. Position the line on the file holder at the appropriate angle for your chainsaw, keeping it in line with the rest of the chain as you file. Operators Manual CS-590 Chain Saw5. Do not allow other persons to be near the chain saw when starting or cutting with the chain saw. Keep bystanders and animals out of the work area. 6. Do not start cutting until you have a clear work area, secure footing, and a planned retreat path from the falling tree. 7. Keep all parts of your body away from the saw chain when the engine

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The size of a chain saw's chain does not always correspond to the size of the guide bar. Determining the correct size of chain for a chain saw with a 14-inch guide bar involves several factors What Size Chainsaw Sharpener Do I Need? Best of MachineryMay 04, 2021 · If you are working with a chain pitch sized 38, youll most likely need a file that is about 7/32 inch or 5.5 mm. If you are working with a chain pitch sized 40 or 50, youll probably need a file that is 1.4 inches or 6.4 mm. Again, these numbers are all just rough estimates. What Size File Do I Need for My Chain Saw? HunkerDepending on the cutter you are sharpening, you will be using a flat or round file to sharpen your chain. These files are advertised in inches and millimeters but usually come in 4 millimeters, 4.8 millimeters and 5.5 millimeters or five-thirty seconds, three-sixteenths and seven-thirty seconds inch.

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Jul 14, 2020 · File size. The file used for chainsaw sharpening is round. These files are specially cut to fit precisely into the hook or arch of the chain. This hook has three unique angles; all need to be sharpened precisely for the chain to cut. For this reason, only use round files What size file do I need to sharpen my chainsaw?What size file do I need to sharpen my chainsaw? It is vital to use the right size file . In general, 1/4- and 3/8-inch-pitch, low-profile chains call for a 5/32-inch file ; 0.325-inch-pitch chains require a 3/16-inch file ; and standard 3/8-inch-pitch and 0.404-inch-pitch chains demand a 7/32-inch file . What size file to use for a chainsaw chain? ArboristsiteDec 05, 2018 · So as long as it's not square ground (not common) you'd need a 7/32" round file And as the cutter shortens in length, 13/64 and finally 3/16. The only way to keep track of this is in 64th. Mine are mounted in a block and marked with a sharpie as 14, 13, and 12 (i.e. 14/64, 13/64, and 12/64).

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Please use the table below to identify which file suits you chain. The range of files and accessories is available here. Chain Type. File Size. mm. Inch. 25, 91. 4.0. 5/32.Chainsaw Files Size Chart:Guide for 3/8 Files & More [2021]When looking for topnotch chainsaw files, the chainsaw file size chart is your best friend. Always refer to the values on the table so that you know which files to buy. For example, if you have a chain with an ID number of 95, a 4.8 mm round file would be the most compatible option.