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Mar 04, 2012 · Austenitize at 1500-1550, quench and temper at 580-650F depending on the hardness you are after, unless you have the means to austemper it, then I would do that instead. 'Most' springs range from HRC 45-50 if they are tempered martensite. I don't see it as any greater a risk than a single steel prod if your welds are good. I like the idea. How to Temper Mild Cold Rolled Steel eHowHeat treating and tempering mild cold rolled steel is a process slightly more complicated than simply heating and quenching the part that you want to harden. Tempering the steel has the effect of hardening the cold rolled steel while at the same time helping to avoid the brittleness inherent in a simple heat and quench operation. To temper the

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Spring steel round bar is suitable for a wide variety of spring applications including flat springs, clutches, knives, doctor blades, saw blades, agricultural tools, wood cutting saws, shims, knives, blades, shims, washers, masonry tools.When heat treating EN42 temperatures, including rate of heating, cooling and soaking times etc. will vary due to factors such as the shape and size of each component. Tempering Mild Steel - automaty-mechanika.plSpring Tempering Mild Steel? BladeForums. Dec 04, 2008· The stiffness will not change and more importantly, the yield point is not significantly moved by HT, meaning the ability to resist permanent deformation from deflection (spring back) can not be significantly changed in mild steel. "Spring steel" is frequently 1095 high carbon steel Tempering of Steel:Stages and Classification Heat Tempering, in general, has been classified in three categories depending on the tempering temperature range, which depends on the properties to be developed in the hardened steel. Tempering relieves completely, or partly internal stresses developed during quenching-such as, these are more completely removed at higher temperatures, say by a time

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Sep 27, 2015 · You can buy perlite from wal-mart, lowe's etc in the garden section, it looks like little foam balls. Put that in a bucket and stick the steel you want to anneal into it. Would be nice to put some more on top and adding a red-hot piece of mild steel to the perlite first would help it hold heat longer. Last time I bought it, it was around $5 for a bag.