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(PDF) Investigation of Jack-Up leg extension for deep

Apr 17, 2015 · Fig. 1 Leg extensi ons and water depth development s cenarios. JACK - UP LE G S. Whether a jack - up design inv olves three or four legs, there are two main types of legs that are used on jack A study on collision strength assessment of a jack-up rig Jan 01, 2020 · However, a typical shape of jack-up rig is a triangular structure comprising a chord-truss and three legs, as shown in Fig. 12. Due to this structural arrangement, a collision analysis must consider all possible collision angles; therefore, in this study we considered a collision in terms of the probability of an equal distribution of force, as

Apparatus for releasing a rack chock of a jack-up rig

Mar 05, 1999 · A "frozen" rack chock of a jack-up rig is released by a moving force imparted on the rack chock by a worm gear assembly. The worm gear assembly has a tooth wheel with a plurality of teeth and a worm gear member provided with a worm thread that engages the teeth for transmitting rotational force from a drive motor to the tooth wheel. DNVChord Model The chord models arc constructed with fol lowincr elements. 2.1 Model No. Cyl i n der be Guide Piece Rack Leg Model 2.2 1 36.8 ) ( Scale ratio The two kinds of racks are fitted to leg models. Model No 10 11 Notes A type rack B type rack wit h . 2.3 (l) (3) Element Cylinder Rack 425.58 DRILLING RIG TECHNOLOGY:Jacking system features

  • AC Variable Frequency Drive1,500 KipsA New ApproachAn Introduction to Offshore Drilling and Jack-Up Rigs by Jul 16, 2014 · Tug boats towing a jack-up rig into position How the offshore drilling industry works. The oil and gas industry, as a whole, is considered to be a stream of activities from the upstream activities (getting natural resources from the ground) to the downstream activities (purifying them for use as fuel or plastic and other things).Offshore drilling is very much an upstream activity.

    Dynamic Analysis of a Jack-Up Rig, SDOF Approach:Design

    Apr 02, 2014 · A jack up rig, such as those used for oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, is a dynamic sensitive system subjected to random and periodic environmental loads (wave, wind, current, etc.), in which the inertia forces cannot be ignored. Guide for Survey and Inspection of Jacking Systemsfor inspection of Rack and Pinion jacking gear at Special Periodical Survey of Hull for Self-Elevating Drilling Units. This Guide provides more details regarding the examination of open and closed type jacking systems of a Self-Elevating Drilling Units. The maintenance crew HSE:OTO 2001/001 SNAME 5-5B WSD0; Comparision Sea. It is an independent 3-leg self-elevating jack-up with cantilever drilling capability, see Figures 1 and 2. The rig dimensions are overall hull length 74.1m, hull width 62.8m and hull depth 7.9m. The forward-aft leg spacing is 39.3m and between port-starboard leg centres 43.3m. The legs are of the 4-chord lattice type. Leg rack chords are

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    Jackup Structures Alliance, Inc. (JSA) 10850 Richmond Avenue, Ste 205 Houston, Texas 77042 USA. Tel:+1.713.910.7556 Fax:+1.832.201.0626 info Jack-Up Rigs:Products Edgen MurrayToday, jack up rigs are built to drill deeper and in harsher environments. Used in depths that can sometimes exceed 500 feet, the jack-up rig design provides a stable drilling environment. The complex rack and chord leg structures that allow the elevation of the platform require highly specialized steel and a complicated fabrication process. Keppel Offshore & Marine - OffshoreDesigned for jackup drilling rigs operating in an offshore environment. Automatic transfer of drilling and completion tubular from the cantilever pipe storage area to the mouse-hole and well centre pick-up positions on the drill floor. Improves rig safety and capabilities.

    LeT 116C Jack-Up KFELS B-Class Jack-Up

    Figure 2.1 KFELS B-Class Jack-up Leg Chord Section Four separate consultants are to study four different jack-ups, as shown in Table 1-1. Company Rig 1 Standard Rig 2 Standard Global Maritime 116C ISO & SNAME RGV ISO GL Noble tube, double-sided rack chords. The legs of the unit are guided through the hull by rigidRPD System for Jack-up Rig - Monitor Systems EngineeringMonitor Systems manufactured the system on time and within budget, providing one complete RPD system for the jack-up. The system comprises one daisy-wheel sensor per leg chord, three per leg, nine in total for the jack-up rig. This allows the RPD system to control single chord jacking, speeds up deployment and recovery of the legs and eliminates the high risk of serious damage and safety implications to legs, jack-house equipment, rack chords