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Conveyor Belt Applications:Balance weave is an economical, general use belt for medium load applications from 40 - 1500 degrees F. It is the most commonly used wire mesh conveyor belt worldwide including many food processing applications (from draining to cooling) as well as industries ranging from ceramic, glass and metalworking. Balance Weave Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt with Crimped Rod SUS 304 Double Balanced Weave Conveyor Belt This Belt is approximately symmetrical spiral weaing, institutional double-helical rod and made a derect rail connection string. Therefor, the mesh belt running smoothly, maintanance splicing is also more convenient. The stainless steel wire mesh belt material:SS 201/304/304L/316/316L/310s/314

Balanced Weave Belt Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts

The predominant choice in the conveyor belt industry. It is our most versatile belt used in a variety industries. Balanced weave belts are a series of left and right hand wire mesh spirals joined by a connecting rod or crimped rod. These belts can be made from different alloys such as 304ss and 316ss. China Balanced Weave Spiral Wire Metal Conveyor Belt for 84389000. Product Description. Stainless steel Mesh Spiral Conveyor Belt. Space saver spiral belt is commonly used in the food industry, with the ability to side flex, the spiral belt are designed to be used as belts for spiral systems. Popular in freezers, coolers, dryers, cookers, pasteurizer, transfers and more. High Strength Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt , Flat Flex Spiral High quality High Strength Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt , Flat Flex Spiral Conveyor Belt from China, China's leading stainless steel mesh conveyor belt product, with strict quality control balanced weave belt factories, producing high quality balanced weave belt products.

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Metal Conveyor Belts by Audubon. We have been the leading metal conveyor belt manufacturer for over a century. Audubon wire mesh conveyor belts and chain driven conveyor belts are used worldwide in industries such as heat treating, forging, foundry, food processing, snack food, baking, ceramics, glass, automotive and more. Metallic Wire Conveyor Belt - Anbao Corp.Double Balance Weave Conveyor belt Double Balance Weave Conveyor belt Application for conveyorMaterial:Stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 316L, Carbon SteelSpecification:A-diameter of the spiral wireB-pitch of spiral wireC-d SUS 304 Double Balanced Weave Conveyor Belt, View The ss 304 stainless steel wire mesh belt . This Belt is approximately symmetrical spiral weaing, institutional double-helical rod and made a derect rail connection string,Therefor, mesh belt running smoothly,go the wrong phenomenon of smaller, maintanance splicing is also more convenient.

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Steel chain approaching stainless steel chain in corrosion resistance Double Guard Chain is highly corrosion resistant with coating of double layers of two distinctive products. In comparison to the High-Guard Chain, it exhibits practically doubled corrosion resistance within the salt water spray check, and will be utilized in mild alkaline and Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Belt for - Wire Conveyor BeltAnti-Heat Stainless steel wire mesh belts are used in typical processing of metals such as sintering, tempering, quenching and cooling in metallurgy. Popular Weave Types:Double balanced weave Duplex weave . The specifications of ss conveyor belt for quenching and sintering furnace in metallurgy:Material:SUS 202,304,310,316,316L, Wire Mesh & Conveyor Belts Information Wire Mesh B alanced Weave Spiral Design. Belt Design. 36 openings per foot of width. No. of openings per foot of Width. 15 full spirals per foot of length. No. of full spirals per foot of Length. 8 gauge (.162) cross rods. Wire Gauge** Connecting Crimp/Rod.

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Oct 10, 2019 · Stainless Steel Metal Balanced Weave Conveyor Belt Balanced weave conveyor belts, also known as spiral link belts, are constructed of round or flat spiral wires joined by crimped rods. Driven, tensioned and guided by a sprocket or a plain roller, balanced weave conveyor belt is an economical choice to provide smooth and stable movement for medium load applications and various