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terials used in the design are C250 for concrete and a) St52 for steel, the material for the building structure is taken as a reinforced concrete with constant pro- perties of modulus of elasticity E = 2.21×106 t/m2, Poisson ratio = 0.2, density of concrete = 2.5 t/m3, compressive strength fc = 2500 t/m2, yield strength fy = 36000 t/ m2.For gravity load design, dead loads in- clude the self-weight of the structure, 060128-060r92 PLANT SCIENCE 16 PLANT SCIENCE Plant Economics of high planting density on ber smallholdings:revisited. Sepien, Proc Rubber Res lnst Malays Plnt 82-96. 1979 (pub. 1980). 060188 Exploitation systems for east coast I sular Malsysia rubber-preliminary r [Production, cultivars, yield]. Kassim, Hashim. Y.B. Proc Rubber Res Inst I Plant Confp. I l0-127. 1979 (pub. 050189

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Sep 03, 2013 · The materials used in the design are C300 for concrete and St52 for steel, and the material for the building structure is taken as a reinforced concrete with the following constant properties:modulus of elasticity E = 25 GPa, Poisson ratio = 0.2, density of 24 kN/m 3, f c = 28 MPa, f y = 355 MPa, and minimum steel reinforcement ratio = 0.0035.