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Mar 09, 2021 · Weight by weight timber performs as well as steel and far better than concrete. Concrete buildings have an average bulk density of approximately 300kg/m³, while steel buildings, which usually have concrete floors, typically have a mass of about 160kg/m³. In contrast, a timber building with timber floors may have a mass of little more than All contents Archivi - Florim S.p.A. SBADI Design Index selects the Florim Magnum Oversize Self-Laying Floors. June 3, 2021. Discover. News. Florim at Design Shanghai 2021. June 3, 2021 - June 6, 2021. Discover. News. The Green Good Design Award rewards the sustainable design of "Sensi of Casa dolce casa".

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Renovation of a school in the province of Pordenone with Isolcupolex insulated and aerated flooring system:28 cm of ventilation volume + 16cm of thermal insulation + concrete top. High strenght leg closure element to obtain an indeformable concrete structure. Insulation on the outside of the structure. Insulation and ventilation in only one step CHEWING GUM WordPressNov 12, 2014 · Enjoy a world of possibilities through this wonderfully hand crafted theme. Create virtually any layout you can imagine with loads of tools that Scooter brings to the table. Concrete floors - Accessories Archivi - Floor Concrete floors - Accessories. 15 mm 1/2 socket. Hexagonal drive, 15 mm - Code ACT-BE15-Q 15 mm hexagonal drive, with 1/2 square fitting. Suitable for application with an impact driver. For CTCEM and VCEM connectors Code ACT-BE15-Q. Angle grinder. Angle grinder, 900 Watt. Code ACT- DW 28113

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Jun 15, 2020 · Resin and concrete floors:HD Surface, a creative and sustainable experience . 5 June 2020 . By Arredo Jolly . Numquam epicuri euripidis ne mel, mel ad laoreet lobortis. Mutat de essent civibus sed cu, dio cunt prompta ass ueverit no sed, ad odio mediocritatem has. Proins gravid de nibh vel velit auct aliquet. PREPARING AND REFURBISHING SUBSTRATES Archivi - Home / PREPARING AND REFURBISHING SUBSTRATES. REPAIR AND STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT OF CONCRETE AND WALLS. FRCM AND CRM SYSTEMS. 9 Products. CRACK REPAIR AND CORTICAL AND DEEP CONSOLIDATION (CONCRETE AND SCREEDS) 4 Products. SCREED CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR. 7 Products. PROTECTION OF SURFACES AND COLOUR Archivi - CONCRETE WALLS:RECOVERY AND PROTECTION 3 Products COTTO FLOORS:TREATMENTS 5 Products DETERGENT PRODUCTS 2 Products POLISHED OR ROUGH STONE FLOORS 3 Products STONE AND TERRACOTTA WALLS:REPAIR AND TREATMENT 11 Products Contacts. Search. Download. Sistema Qualità. NORD RESINE work with a quality system certified by TUV according to


COATINGS FOR WHITE ROOMS. 1 Product. COLOURED THIN-FILM PROTECTIVE TREATMENT. 11 Products. RESIN COATINGS FOR DAMP SURFACES AND GREEN CONCRETE. 2 Products. RESIN COATINGS WITH HIGH MECHANICAL RESISTANCE FOR HEAVY-DUTY APPLICATIONS. 4 Products. RESIN COATINGS WITH HIGH RESISTANCE TO CHEMICAL AGGRESSION. Residential Archivi - Pontarolo EngineeringResidential complex in Opicina, Italy made up of 30 house units divided in 7 different design models in different levels. All buildings are realized with Climablock Steel floors Archivi - Floor reinforcement and restorationThe nails used are of carbon steel Ø 4.5 mm, length 22.5 mm, Ø head 14 mm. Pressed connection bracket in 3 mm thick galvanised plate. Dimensions of the ribbed base plate 70x55 mm with two tilted wings 55x100 mm / 55x125 mm. Shaped for use on various types of plate and designed to receive reinforcing bars. to the structure with 4 high-strength

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Concrete floors. Concrete floor consolidation. Piazza Oberdan, Milan (MI) Concrete floor consolidation and reinforcement of a large open public square floor using CT CEM connectors. Tecnaria S.p.A. Viale Pecori Giraldi 55, 36061, Bassano del Grappa, ITALY +39 0424.502029 +39 0424.502386 [email protected]