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ASTM A615 Rebar. ASTM A615 rebar is most commonly used in low-stress and less-demanding applications and makes an economical choice in situations where a tremendous level of tensile strength is not necessarily needed. Its strength and performance characteristics are grade-dependent, and A615 rebar is available in a full range of standard sizes ASTM A615 / A615M - 00 Standard Specification for 1.4 This specification is applicable for orders in either inch-pound units (as Specification A615) or in SI units (as Specification A615M). 1.5 The values stated in either inch-pound units or SI units are to be regarded as standard. Within the text, the SI units are shown in brackets.


Jul 02, 2019 · ASTM A615 GRADO 60 PDF. This standard is issued under the fixed designation A/AM; the number furnished under this specification in Grade 40 [], Grade 60 1 This specification is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee A01 on Steel. Masteel stock a wide range of carbon steel plates according to ASTM A Grade 60 and ASME SA Grade 60, ideal for boiler and pressure vessel. ASTM A615 Properties (Chem., Mech. & Rankings)Sep 16, 2020 · In this post I'll talk about and give details about ASTM A615. First let's describe it and then have a look at its material's properties. What is ASTM A615? ASTM A615 is a Specification for Deformed and Plain Carbon Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement Category Steel Bars Scope ASTM A615/A615M-20 - Standard Specification for 1.1 This specification covers deformed and plain carbon-steel bars in cut lengths and coils for concrete reinforcement. Annex A2 of this specification covers deformed bars for use for other applications. Steel bars containing alloy additions, such as with the Association for Iron and Steel Technology and the Society of Automotive Engineers series of alloy steels, are permitted if the resulting product meets all the other requirements of this specification.

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Deformed Bar G-60 (ASTM A-615/A615M) ASTM A615 Grade 60 rebar offers a minimum yield strength of 60,000 pounds per square inch, or 420 megapascals on the metric grading scale. It also features a continuous line system, with one line running along the length of the bar, which is offset a minimum of five spaces from the center. These characteristics make Grade 60 rebar particularly well-suited for Designation:A615/A615M 12 American Association approved in 1968. Last previous edition approved in 2009 as A615/A615M 09b. DOI:10.1520/A0615_A0615M-12. 2 For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM website, astm, or contact ASTM Customer Service at [email protected] For Annual Book of ASTM Standards volume information, refer to the standards Document Summary page on the Earthquake Resistant Model Steel Bars ASTM A615 ASTM Grade 60 reinforcing bars conforming to A615 are the most widely used type and grade of reinforcing steel. A major revision in 1981 editions of A615 standard is the deletion of grade 40 bar size # 7 through number 11, the standard now covers grade 40 bars only in sizes # 03 through # 06 HISTORY OF Earthquake Resistant Steel Bar A 706


SPECIFICATION ASTM A6'15 GR 60 High yield deforrned steel bars for concrete reinforcement in sizes IC)-32 mm and 12 meter long are produced by quenchhg process for superior mechanical properties to specification ASTM ASI 5 GR 60. CHEMICAL cavpasrrar\] max 0.060 max 0.050 max 0.050 As specified by EISF As specified Guaranteed by EISF max 0.30 Reinforcing bar specificationsBillet steelA615 Grade 60 re i n f o r cing bars conforming to A615 are the most widely used type and grade of re i n f o rcing steel. A major revision in the 1981 edition of the A615 standard is the deletion of Grade 40 bar sizes #7 through #11. The s t a n d a r d now covers Grade 40 bars only in sizes #3 t how to weld reinforcement bar steel or rebar welding For example, if an A706 grade 60 bar is welded to a A615 grade 60 bar, the electrodes required for the A615 grade 60 are used. This is because the tensile strength of the A615 rebar is 90,000 psi while the A706 rebar is only 80,000 psi. Materials Specifications for Rebar or reinforcement bar ASTM A615, A 616, and A 617, ASTM A706

ASTM A615 / A615M - 20 Standard Specification for

1.3 Plain bars, in sizes up to and including 2 1 / 2 in. [63.5 mm] in diameter in coils or cut lengths, when ordered shall be furnished under this specification in Grade 40 [280], Grade 60 [420], Grade 80 [550], and Grade 100 [690]. For ductility properties (elongation and bending), test provisions of the nearest smaller nominal diameter deformed bar size shall apply.