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1.7147 Material 20MnCr5 Steel Equivalent, Properties

Dec 14, 2019 · 20MnCr5 steel (1.7147 material) is an European standard carburized steel (case hardening steel) with high strength and toughness and good hardenability. The quenching deformation is small, the low temperature toughness and the machinability are good, but the welding performance is low. 16MnCr5, 1.7131, 20MnCr5, 1.7147, 21MnCr5, 1.2162The material is also available with increased Sulfur content - 16MnCrS5, 1.7139 and 20MnCrS5, 1.7149. Next equivalent classified as tool steel with higher carbon content - 21MnCr5, 1.2162. Physical and mechanical properties Here You can find the mechanical properties of selected alloys.

20CrMn China Structural steel - equivalent grades

Standard - GB. Grade - 20CrMn. 18KHG ( 18 ) - Alloy structurall steel. 18KHG ( 18 ), 18KHG ( 18 ) - All Equivalent Grades. chemical composition, mechanical and technological properties. Types of delivery of grade 18KHG ( 18 ) 22 - Graded and shaped rolling. B23 - Sheets and Strips. 20CrMn GB ::Total Materia20CrMn GB ::Total Materia. Finding materials and property data at the click of a button. By registering for the Total Materia FREE Trial it is possible to search and view the property data for over 450,000 alloys as well as find and compare equivalent materials from over 69 countries/standards in the unique, international Total Materia cross reference tables. 20MnCr5 Steel 1.7147 case-hardened steel - Special steel 20MnCr5 gearing steel is DIN standard Alloy Carburizing gearing steel, 20MnCr5 gearing steel properties is a chromium, manganese, titanium alloy steel specification. it is equivalent with GB 20CrMn standard Carburizing steel, gearing steel.

A516GR70N Cutting Parts|S355J2+N Machining parts_Steel

Gangsteel export high quality steel plate of A516Gr70 steel,S355J2 steel,SA516GR70 steel,A516 Grade 70 steel Steel Plate,A516GR70N Cutting Parts,S355J2+N Machining parts. MATERIAL CROSS REFERENCE LIST - Mitsubishi CarbideMATERIAL CROSS REFERENCE LIST CARBON STEEL ALLOY STEEL Japan Japan Germany Germany U. K. U. K. France France Italy Italy Spain Spain Sweden Sweden China China. USA AISI/SAE JIS W-nr. DIN BS EN AFNOR UNI UNE SS GB 5140 SCr440 1.7045 42Cr4 42Cr4 2245 40Cr 5155 SUP9(A) 1.7176 55Cr3 527A60 48 55C3 20CrMn METALLIC MATERIALS CROSS REFERENCE LISTMETALLIC MATERIALS CROSS REFERENCE LIST CARBON STEEL ALLOY STEEL Japan Germany U.K. France Italy Spain Sweden USA China Japan Germany U.K. France Italy Spain Sweden USA China. JIS W-nr. DIN BS EN AFNOR UNI UNE SS AISI/SAE GB SCr440 1.7045 42Cr4 42Cr4 2245 5140 40Cr SUP9(A) 1.7176 55Cr3 527A60 48 55C3 5155 20CrMn

Material Comparison For Steel Plate

Material Comparison For Steel Plate China GB Japan JIS USA ASTM Germany Steel Types Brand Of Steel Brand Of Steel Standard Number Steel Grade Steel Grade Material Number Standard Number Q235-F SS41 G3101 A36 USt37-2 1.0112 DIN17100 Q235 Metal materials commonly used brand of table67 20CrMn 20X 5120 527A60 20MC5 20MnCr5 SMC21 68 30CrMnSiA 30XCA 69 40CrNi 40XH 3140 640A35 640M40 35NC6 46NiCr6 SNC1 70 20CrNi3 20XH3 20NC11 22NiCr14 71 30CrNi3 30XH3 653M31 30NC11 30NC12 28NiCr10 31NiCr14 SNC2 72 40CrNiMoA 40XHMA 4340,9810 871M40 816M40 35NCD5 40NCD3 36NiCrMo4 40NiCrMo6 SNCM8 Alloy Steel Structure 683/11 magnetic material properties of a cast hardenedsteel 20CrMnJun 08, 2012 · The 20CrMn is a case-hardened steel which magnetic properties are slightly different from the original 20CrMn material. In the application it is used, it

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PRECISION BEVEL GEAR 20CrMn Ti material low carbon alloy steel Imported gear grinding machine processing, high hardness, stable performance. Vacuum furnace carburizing heat treatment, carburizing layer uniform.20CrMo Steel Equivalent, Chemical - World Material

  • 20Crmo Alloy SteelApplicationsDatasheetEquivalent Grades20CrMn in GB3077-88 standard - EQUIMETALS20CrMn is a (n) chinese steel defined in GB3077-88 standard. (Looking for this designation of material quality, but standard does not match? Click here !)