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the document. It states that its for . multipath. ultrasonic . transit-time. flow meters that are used for the measurement of natural gas. A multipath meter is defined as one with at least two independent acoustic paths used to measure transit time difference of sound traveling upstream and downstream at an angle to the gas flow. FioSonic Gas metering Pietro FiorentiniDescription FioSonic, the Ultrasonic Flow Meter for gas transmission networks, completes Pietro Fiorentini range of products dedicated to the industrial sector. With its multi path-chordal technology, it provides real time diagnostics, high accuracy and redundancy for fiscal gas flow measurement.

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Overview. The FLOWSIC600 measurement device is an ultrasonic gas flow meter and sets the standard in its market segment for custody transfer of natural gas as well as steam flow measurement. The visually technical design demonstrates that it is geared to the tough industry conditions. Product Data Sheet:SeniorSonic and JuniorSonic Gas The SeniorSonic flow meter measures transit times on four parallel chords, while the JuniorSonic flow meter measures flow by bouncing a signal across the meter in one and two path meter designs. Each path is comprised of ultrasonic transducers that act alternately as Q.Sonic - Honeywell ElsterQ.Sonic. The Elster-Instromet multi-path Q.Sonic ultrasonic gas flow meter is ideal for the calibration measurement of natural gas. The patented measuring path arrangement, in conjunction with advanced ultrasonic sensors and digital signal processing allows high accuracy with excellent long time stability. The flow profile analysis of the meter allows renouncing the usual adoption of a flow conditioner.

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Q.Sonic Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Deliver Unparalleled Performance Elster Instromet Elster Instromet's Q.Sonic series is the most accurate and flexible ultrasonic meter for custody transfer applications. Advantages Large turn down ratio Bi-directional Flowprofiledetection CMB signal processing Swirl and asymmetry detection Sonic FEX-100 Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter Flame-proof Translate this pageApr 08, 2017 · Sonic FEX-100 Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter Flame-proof Gas flow monitoring with intelligent function in a hazardous area. Sonics wide variety of ultrasonic flow meters meet customers needs for flow monitoring in any situation. USA Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Siemens USASITRANS F S clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters Siemens is a pioneer in the use of Lamb wave transit-time sensors for clamp-on flow measurement. We call it WideBeam® and it increases accuracy by reducing sensitivity to any changes in the fluid.

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Ultrasonic Gas Flow Measurement Transit time flowmeters operate on the principle that a sonic pulse is sent from a transmitting transducer, which propagates through the flowing medium to Ultrasonic gas meter manufacturer RMG Messtechnik GmbHUltrasonic gas meter Over the last 20 years, ultrasonic gas meters have become the measuring instrument of choice for gas volume measurement in custody transfer. The technology owes its broad acceptance among gas transport companies to its superior measuring accuracy, reproducibility, wide measuring range and low maintenance costs. What is Ultrasonic Flow Meter ? - Instrumentation ToolsUltrasonic flow meter measure fluid velocity by passing high-frequency sound waves along the fluid flow path. Fluid motion influences the propagation of these sound waves, which may then be measured to infer fluid velocity. Two major sub-types of ultrasonic flow meters exist:Doppler and transit-time.

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Jun 15, 2021 · Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter is an ideal choice for various gas measurements. The gas ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for blast furnace gas, converter gas, coke oven gas, mixed gas, gas, compressed air, chlorine, nitrogen and other industrial gases. Suitable for large-caliber gas measurement, suitable for low flow rate, pulsating flow gas Ultrasonic Gas Meters Sonix® Meters SensusSensus is committed to the safe use of natural gas. Thats why weve partnered with the Common Ground Alliance to mark all gas meters sold in the United States with a Call 811 Before You Dig decal. Its a simple way to educate and remind homeowners to make sure underground lines are marked before diggingto avoid damage or injury.