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T-DRILL Collaring Method. Whenever two pipes need to be joined, T-DRILL is the answer. Tee Forming Pipe Branching Collaring. The T-DRILL process is a patented method of producing outlets for branch connections. Pipe branching by the T-DRILL method is also called collaring, mechanical tee forming, or simple T-DRILL tees. Buy T Drill For Sale - T Drill - ripplewalletgeneratorT Drill T. T Drill T 50 Copper Pipe Drill Tee Forming w Bits and Notcher Full Set NICE. 2018 T DRILL. 2018 T DRILL SP 110 Tube End Spinning Machine #3650. $110000.00 $65.00. Copper Plumbing Tool. Copper Plumbing Tool T Drill 1 1 2 305 NOS Forming Collaring Head Die. $300.00. T DRILL T. T DRILL T 30 Copper Pipe Drill Set Nice Complete

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Powerful T-DRILL collaring machines offers highly effective and competitive tube and pipe manufacturing solutions for a vast variety of tubing needs. Company Profile - T-DRILL Tube and Pipe Collaring

  • About UsCompany Values and Operation PolicyQualityT-DrillS HistoryT-DRILL is a manufacturer of high-tech tube and pipe fabrication solutions. Our standard products consist of a wide range of machine tools that are used in many different industries, from automotive to shipbuilding. In addition to our wide product range, we have a strong emphasis on product development and after sales support. This development is backed up by an effective production system and many decades of experience. T-DRILL has developed products for mechanical contractors and plumbers, for Automotive Industry - T-DRILL Tube and Pipe CollaringThe T-DRILL collaring method enables reliable and easy T-joining of tubes. This has vital importance for automotive coupled tube applications, because every vehicle is subject to severe vibrations that can create leakages and other problems with traditionally made jointing methods or, in the worst case, just a plain drilled hole. Flanging Tube End Forming Industrial Machines T-DRILLT-DRILL Flanging Machines are capable of cold and hot forming on both long and bent tubes and pipes, providing precise results and constant high quality.

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    The T-DRILL T-65 SS is a portable, easy-to-use collaring machine for stainless steel tube. It is an ideal solution for making reducing tee joints of ½ 1½ in main run tubes up to 4. While giving you comparable quality to commercial tee fittings, your profits increases since T-65 eliminates two welded joints and the fitting cost. T-65 SS Portable Collaring Machine - T-DRILL Tube and PipeT-65 Portable Collaring Machine. Collar sizes:854 mm NS ½ 2. Run tube sizes:15108 (163,8 mm) NS ½ 4 (6) Pipe material:Copper, Copper / Nickel. Work cycle time:1560 sec. Machine type:Portable tools. Process:Collaring. T-DRILL LinkedInT-DRILL 1,056 followers on LinkedIn. World-class supplier of tube and pipe fabrication solutions for tee forming, chipless cutting and tube end forming. T-DRILL - Tube and Pipe Fabrication Solutions T-DRILL is the globally leading provider of tube and pipe fabrication solutions. For more than three decades, T-DRILL kept developing solutions for diverse applications in many industries

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    Dec 15, 2020 · T-DRILL is the world-class supplier of tube and pipe fabrication solutions. T-DRILL machinery consists of both industrial solutions for several customer segments as well as portable solutions for mechanical contractors and plumbers. 1740 T-Drill T 65 Portable Tee Forming Machine Pipe Notcher Jun 12, 2021 · Powerful T-DRILL Model T-65 is a fast, portable, easy-to-use tee forming machine for stainless steel tubes. The powerful T-DRILL T-65 is an ideal portable solution for making tee joints of 3/8 2? O.D. in main run tubes up to 4 O.D. in just a couple of minutes.T-65 SS Portable Collaring Machine - T-DRILL Tube and PipeNov 20, 2016 · T-65 SS Portable Heavy Duty Collaring Machine for Stainless Steel Pipes. The powerful T-DRILL T-65 SS is an ideal portable solution for making tee joints of 1754 mm (3/4 2 O.D.) in main run tubes up to 114,3 mm (4 O.D.) in just a couple of minutes. While maintaining equal quality to commercial tee fittings the T-65 SS increase efficiency by eliminating:Cutting of the pipe, Two of the