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CHINESE STANDARD OF Q235B IS EQUIVALENT TO S275 FOR PIPE SECTIONS(ROUND HOLLOW SECTION)???? 22.12.2011 :Pl give me the Equivalent of S355J2H,EN11.03.2013211.03.2013-1 in IS and AS standard:22.12.2011 :What is the ASME /ASTM equivalent material to S355J2G3+N:21.12.2011 :what is the ASTM equivalent material for Fe 52.2 ? 21.12.2011 Selling bronze rolled according to GOST:the price from Process conditions are regulated by GOST 2430193. The chemical composition of products regulated GOST 1817578; 501774; 49379. In the production of bronze blanks are often used ways to chill and centrifugal casting. The diameter of the workpiece generally from 20 to 1200 mm. currently, LLC «AVEK global"there are the following types

Steel 12KH2N4A - Auremo

Substitute brand:steel:20, 122, 123, 2024, 20GR. Delivery type:1224 circle, long products, including shaped:GOST 454371, GOST Steel 45KHN2MFA (45) / AuremoDescription. 45KHN2MFA steel is used:for the manufacture of the torsion shaft by means of hot upsetting with subsequent mechanical processing; gear boxes and other loaded parts operating under torsional alternating loads and dynamic nagoski experiencing.. Note. Structural steel high-quality hromonikelemolibdenovyh. Standards To buy casting, forging, rod brand Albemet 162:the price Supplier the company AvekGlob offers to purchase castings, forgings, rods made of aluminum alloy with beryllium Albemet ® AM162. Products can be bought at a price formed on the basis of European and world standards of production. Implementation is possible in bulk and retail, for regular customers, a flexible system of discounts operates.

To by sheet, round, wire 14HGSN2, DI3 from Aurema /

Relevance. Brand 142 (3) is a high-alloy structural steel used in parts operating under impact loads up to 200 °C. the Same alloy -12KHN3A, 12KH2N4Ato by pipe round rod 12kh2n4a 15nicr13the price from to by pipe round rod 12kh2n4a 15nicr13the price from equivalent material, to by pipe round rod 12kh2n4a 15nicr13the price from size and thickness,low and intermediate tensile strength carbon steel related product recommendation. Mail Us [email protected] 321, Breaking Street Beijing ,China. Opening Time Mon - Sat:09.00 to 18.00.