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Sealed CO2 Laser:60 watt (standard) / 80 watt / 100 watt / 150 watt / 200 watt (200 watt metal tube or glass tube) Closed Loop Chiller (distilled water):All lasers include chillers that are properly sized to laser power Laser Table for Cutting:Honeycomb table (standard) / Metal CO2 Stories from the Epilog Laser BlogGlass vs. Metal CO2 Laser Tubes. March 1, 2019. Have a Product That Needs Engraving? Save Money and Time by Bringing it In-House. August 16th, 2018. How Lasers Can Fight Counterfeiting. March 23rd, 2018. Adapting to Technology Changes in the Wedding Photography Industry. February 16th, 2018.

Co2 Laser Machine Spare Parts and Accessories Focused

80w Reci Glass Co2 Laser Tube. 374.36. 100w Reci Glass Co2 Laser Tube. 591.03. 130W Reci Glass Laser Tube. 887.18. 150w Reci Glass Laser Tube. 1,421.79. 60w co2 power supply unit. Co2 Metal RF Laser Tube - Lasers RefillCo2 Metal RF laser tube, is one of the Co2 laser source and the core optical part of a Co2 laser engraver, co2 laser cutter or co2 laser marker.. Actually, there are two types of Co2 laser source, one is co2 metal tube RF laser source, with excellent performance, long time, and of course of high cost; Another is co2 glass tube laser source, with lower cost and also good performance, that could Comparing Surgical CO2 Laser Technologies - LightScalpelIn contrast to all-metal surgical CO 2 lasers, antiquated fragile glass tubes (1970s technology) seen in Figure 3 are difficult to service. Flowing liquid is needed to prevent the glass from cracking, which is caused by the intense heat generated by electric discharge plasma inside the laser tube.

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Translate this pageMar 01, 2019 · CO2-laserrør i metal kontra laserrør i glas. Når man overvejer at købe en CO2-lasermaskine, er der et par ting, man bør overveje. En af de primære egenskaber, der adskiller systemerne på markedet, er typen af laserrør, som maskinen bruger som laserkilde. De to primære muligheder, du vil støde på, er vandkølede glasrør og Glass vs. metal co2 laser tubes which one to chooseSep 04, 2019 · While choosing your laser tubes, here is what you need to consider between Glass and Metal CO2 laser tubes to select the most suitable one for your business. HM CO2 Laser Tube, Glass-to-Metal Hard Seals, No Gas HM laser was found in 1994, Within 26 years, we focus on laser business, keep providing high quality laser product. Our laser tube uses 3rd generation technology:Glass-to-Metal hard seals, beam quality does not change all the working life.

Glass vs. Metal CO2 Laser Tubes - Which One to Choose

Aug 07, 2019 · Most of the metal tubes use air cooling system excluding higher wattages. They perform the engraving process with ultra-fine detail as they have a smaller laser spot size. They have a longer life span of 10-12 years, given they have premium parts like bystronic parts or prima spare parts, before the need for the refurbishing of gas arises. Its turnaround time in some cases can be quite long. Glass Laser Tubes. Glass laser tubes