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During this welding process, you use a hard-surfacing filler metal (a stick electrode or flux-cored wire, usually) to add specific wear properties and dimensions to your new or old equipment. Hard surfacing can cost 25 to 75 percent less. than replacing equipment and it also helps to. reduce downtime for maintenance and repairs. Forney 42401 Supercote Hardfacing Welding Rod, 5/32-Inch The Forney 42401 Supercote hard facing specialty welding electrodes are excellent low cost rods for moderate abrasion and low impact application in all positions. It can be forged and provides a crack resistant weld. It features a smooth arc action and easy slag removal. Typical applications include surface buildup on new or worn machine parts

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12 Hardfacing Electrode for Severe Wear. $ 179.60 $ 652.05. If you have thinner, worn parts, then you'll want to use our 12 Welding Rod for Severe Wear. It has a smooth surface overlay and can be used out of position. Excellent two pass hard surfacing electrode. Hardfacing Electrodes - ESABElectrode producing a weld metal with coarse chromium carbides in an austenitic matrix. Suitable for surfacing worn parts exposed to abrasion and wear by coal, ore or other minerals. Typical applications include earth-moving machines, mixers, feeder screws, dust exhausters and Mig Wires - messerwelding Hard surfacing electrode for corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures. Cobalt based product produces a flat weld with high deposition. Deposits are highly resistant to moderate impact, abrasion, erosion, and corrosion at elevated temps. For use such as:hot trimming dies, punches, slide valve gates and discharge valves.

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Jan 31, 2019 · The -17 electrodes have more silicon than the -16 electrodes, producing a more fluid weld puddle that works best for welding in the flat position. Vertical and overhead welding are possible, but they require more operator skill than a lime basic electrode because the slag does not freeze as Special Purpose and Hardfacing Consumables Typical applications include the hard surfacing of crusher cones and mantles, swing hammers, bucket teeth and lips, dozer end plates and sugar mill rolls. Classifications:AS/NZS 2756:2145-A4 WTIA Tech. Note 4:2145-A4 Packaging and Operating Data:Electrode Approx No. Current Packet Carton Part No Size mm Length mm Rods/kg Range (amps) Stoodite 1 - Welding Equipment ESAB North AmericaStoodite 1 has the highest hardness of the standard Stoodite cobalt alloys and is used in elevated temperature wear applications. It has a large volume of chromium carbides in a cobalt matrix, giving the alloy excellent resistance to abrasion and solid particle erosion. Stoodite 1 is non-magnetic and non-forgeable, and can be machined with difficulty using carbide tools.


The most common type of welding process used with a wide range of extruded and tubular welding electrodes available for build-up and hard surfacing applications as well as for joining applications. The most common types of manual electrodes are those designated as A4 and A1 types in WELDING ELECTRODES - Nahpets Remove hard surface material Rough machining Pierce hole Size (mm) Welding Current (A) Code 3.2 170-300 1-100410 4.0 225-400 1-100411 SUPERCLAD 667A A rutile coated DC electrode for hard surfacing depositing a martensitic weld having a hardness of approximately 50-59 HRC ressistance to moderate impact. Applications: hard surfacing electrode, hard surfacing electrode offers 847 hard surfacing electrode products. A wide variety of hard surfacing electrode options are available to you, such as material, customized support.

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  • Forney 42405 Supercote Hardfacing Welding Rod, 5/32-Inch, 5-PoundBlue Demon HARDCOVER 470 X 5/32" X 5LB Carton hardfacing electrode for severe abrasion and Blue Demon HARDCOVER 450 X 1/8" X 5LB Carton hardfacing build-up electrode for moderate impEFeMn-B - Hardfacing Low Hidrogen High Manganese Electrode - D266 - AWS 5.13-16" x 5/32" - (1Hard surface electrode Welding Rods at LowesLincoln Electric. 10-lbs 5/32-in Horizontal and Flat Hard Surface Electrode Welding Sticks. Model #ED021991. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 1. Lincoln Electric. 10-lbs 3/16-in Horizontal and Flat Hard Surface Electrode Welding Sticks. Model #ED021993.