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About company. PromStroiKontrakt Group companies is one of the leaders of manufacturers formwork systems. Since its foundation in 1992, PromStroiKontrakt Group companies has been developing, manufacturing and supplying construction materials, equipment, technologies and engineering solutions for civil, industrial and special purposes. Besides Beam H20 - Monolit Company - scaffolding, formwork H20 beams from «Monolit Company» are produced of the highest quality pine and birch wood and provide reliability and functionality during the work.

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Outline Timber beam H20 is an important part of formwork system. It has a very wide range of application in Construction,Metro, Tunnel, Nuclear Power Station etc.as one of the basic components in more than a half formwork system, maintains the property to be lighter, stronger, safer and more durable in order to achieve better performance for site jobs. Flange clamp H20 Large-area formwork Top 50 Timber For securing Doka beams H20 anywhere on the multi-purpose waling. Shop Doka myDoka . Login; Contact. Do you have any questions about our online shop or do you need any help? Timber-beam formwork. Large-area formwork Top 100 tec Large-area formwork Top 50 CH. Column formwork. Formwork beams - DokaTimber formwork beam H20 top Up to triple the lifespan, thanks to built-in shock absorber at the beam end Reduced damage at the end of the beam Effective protection against moisture and UV radiation

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Gael Form H20 timber beams are varnished yellow, and come in sizes from 104.33in (2.65m) to 232.28in (5.90m). Gael Form H20 Timber Beam New Ireland Ireland New Formwork The Formwork Store Skip to main content Guidance on Caring for Formwork Timber Beams DokaJun 16, 2020 · Timber formwork beam H20 eco P, with a solid-web design has high quality beam flanges which is achieved by machine stress-grading. Due to the beveled flange-ends incorporating beam rivets, less damage is likely to occur to the beam ends. One additional benefit of the eco beam is the low weight which makes it easier to handle. H20 Timber Beams Formwork DirectFormwork Direct H20 Beams are formwork beams made of the highest quality European spruce wood, and ensure high-quality panelling of concrete formwork constructions. Our formwork beams are 20 cm high and are produced in various standard lengths. A special protective cap prevents the beam to be exposed to premature chipping on the chord ends.

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H20 Timber beam is used for concrete formwork construction, widely applied in slab formwork system, wall formwork system, column formwork system, timber structures, and other temporary bearing structures. Solid flange:Sawed-Pine or Spruce from Finland, High quality spruce, High stability. E) With high standardization, universal property, fast TECON H20 Timber Beam, H Girder For SaleH20 Timber Beam TECON H20 timber beam is mainly made from spruce imported from Northern Europe. With high load capacity, TECON H20 timber beam is widely used in most of the girder-based formwork systems, such as shear wall formwork, slab formwork, column formwork etc. TECON H20 Timber Beam Section, made from North Europe spruce as flange. Timber formwork beams - DokaBeam H20 top Up to 3 times the lifespan Put the advantages of this rugged beam to work for you:long life unmatched by any other beam, thanks to its built-in shock absorber

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Alu beam fork H20. Item no. 586182000. Aid for working with Doka formwork beams in the floor formwork system during forming up and stripping out operations. A package consists of 1 pieces. New. Rent / month. Add to Shopping Cart. Doka e anchor 16x125mm. Item no. 588631000.Formwork H20 Timber Beam (H20 Wood beam, I Joist, I Formwork H20 Timber Beam, also called H20 Wood beam, I Joist, I beam, Wood H beam or Wood Girder, is widely used together with shuttering film faced plywood in formwork systems, construction systems parts, Falsework systems, timber structures and other bearing structures. Specification of our H20 prefabricated timber formwork beams: