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Basic Elevator Components - Part One ~ Electrical Knowhow

Elevator features and operation may vary from one elevator to another. So, I will show the basic components for a standard type of elevators which included in all types of traction elevators. Type (I):starting from 320 Kg up to 800 Kg rated load. Type (II):more than 800 Kg up to 1600 Kg rated load. Arrangement (A):Car with side opening door EAE vehicle lift Professional vehicle lifts manufacturer EAE, Professional vehicle lifts manufacturer, offers a wide range of car lifts for most of job, include of alignment lifts, scissor lifts, two post lifts, four post lifts, parking lifts, storage lifts, motorcycle lifts, and heavy duty truck hoists.

Elevator Control System ~ Electrical Knowhow

There are two Hall buttons on each floor one for up, another for down, except on the top floor where there is only down and on the bottom floor where there is only up. The controller interacts with these buttons by receiving press and release signals indicating the requested direction and floor number. Globe Lifts - Globe Lift Repair Parts SVI International Above Ground 2-Post Lifts (2) Above Ground Parallelogram Lifts (3) Alamo / ASSSA (1) Above Ground 2-Post Lifts (1) Alemite (9) Above Ground 4-Post Lifts (1) In Ground Front and Rear / Fore and Aft Lifts (2) In Ground Single Post Lifts (6) ALM (41) Above Ground 2-Post Lifts (27) Above Ground 4-Post Lifts (9) Above Ground Mobile Column Lifts (1) Goods Lift, Cargo Lift, Mezzanine Lift, Freight Elevator Features. MORNLIFT vertical cargo lift is a guide-rail-type freight elevator widely used to transport goods alone or on pallets, crates, trolleys safely and efficiently between floors of buildings including warehouses, workshops, factories and storehouses. The cargo lift is also

Hood Auto Performance Products Products

HAPP80:4T floor plate hoist, electronic control, 1900mm lift Business approved $3000 HAPP90:2 post electric hydraulic lift, free standing hoist, Adjustable width $3190 HAPP95:2 post free standing hoist, 1.75m high lift, adjustable width $3590 Mechanic Superstore Professional Automotive Equipment Portable Two Post Lift. $ 2,995.00. Scissor Lifts. Stratus SAE-MS8000X Commercial Grade Open Center Portable Mid Rise Electrical Safety Lock Release Scissor Lift. Stratus SAE-MS8000X Commercial Grade Portable Mid Rise Scissor Lift. $ 3,197.00. $ 2,499.00. A/C. Cool Boss CB Scissor Lift - Crystal Hydraulic Scissor Lifts We are Leading manufacturer of Moving Scissor Lift. Features. Remote power pack with 4 mtr Hydraulic Hose. Push button control on 3.5 mtr cable. Hydraulic pump with built in overload relief. Full length deck beam for maximum support. Solid plate scissor legs for maximum rigidity. Chequered Plate deck and lip

Scissor Lift Safety, How to Operate a Scissor Lift

The Scissor Lift is equipped with a high and low range for travel. It can be used in high range in open travel ways, but should be used in low range in tight areas. If painting is being done while on the Scissor Lift, cover up the platform, handrails and controls to minimize overspray or splashing on the Scissor Lift. Vehicle Lifts Garage Equipment from HofmannVehicle Lifts. Vehicle Lifts. Lift more of your customers vehicles and find the ideal solution for your workshop with the range of two-post, four-post and scissor lifts from Hofmann. Thanks to Hofmanns professional lifts, you can be certain you are working in complete safety. All controls are ergonomic and the most advanced models can be Worth Equipment - manufacturer of ground lifts & tubing These adapters are usually required when servicing light trucks, vans, and s port-utility vehicles. WORTH EXTENDED LIFE FEATURES. ( 1 ) Structural Tube Overhead - All Worth Clear Floor models feature 4. sided structural tube overhead bars, not 3 sided sheet metal or channel. ( 2 ) Center Bands - All Worth 2 Post lifts feature center bands.

Vehicle Lifts:Different Types and how to Choose the Right One

Scissor Lifts can also be divided into three groups:X type, parallelogram type and pantograph lifts. Like four post lifts, scissor lifts also come in a wide range of heights and capacities to suit the needs of either professional shops or hobbyists. Low rise scissor lifts are known for raising up to 36 inches off the ground, mid-rise lifts can raise between 36 and 48 inches and full rise scissor lifts can go anywhere